About OCA Obras Caminos y Asfaltos


OCA Obras Caminos y Asfaltos is a Galician construction company with great experience in the development of industrial and logistic areas, as well as the building of large size warehouses. Over the last 20 years, the company has grown in three areas: agglomerate extraction, bituminous mixtures production and infrastructure construction.

The company has great experience in the preservation and exploitation of concessions. OCA manages the only ecological asphalt production plant in Spain.

OCA has participated in the development of logistic parks such as Los Gavilanes or Los Molinos, both in Getafe (Spain), as well as the parks’ main logisticwarehouses.

OCA Obras Caminos y Asfaltos is well-known for its collaboration in the construction of some of the main roads infrastructures in Galicia, Asturias, Castilla y León and Madrid. Among its most remarkable works is the Millennium Bridge built-in Ourense (Spain). The company’s headquarters are in Madrid and Ourense.

Business Units

  • Logistic parks
  • Large-scale logistic warehouses
  • Social housing units’ construction
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Bituminous mixtures production
  • Concessions preservation and exploitation
  • Agglomerate extraction for the construction of infrastructures.
  • Pavement asphalt
  • Ecological asphalt
  • Bituminous mixtures
  • Quarries

Business areas composition

Agglomerates and pavement asphalt. 15MM tons spread in 20 years. 35%
Aggregates and quarries. 17MM tons in 20 years. 25%
Roads built. 1.000km constructed in 17 years. 20%
Logistic warehouses. 1.000.000m2 in 10 years. 9%
Logistic warehouses. 1.000.000m2 in 10 years. 4%
Social housing units’ construction. 1.100 houses built in 11 years. 4%
Ecological asphalt. 3%

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