OCA Obras Caminos y Asfaltos owns a standardized quality management system according to the UNE EN ISO 9001:2000 system and certified by LGI-APPLUS since May 2002 as well as an environment management system according to UNE EN ISO 14001:2004 system and certified by LGAI-APPLUS since July 2002.

In 2005 OCA Obras Caminos y Asfaltos became the first Galician construction company rewarded with the OSHAS 18001:2007 in labour risk prevention.

OCA Obras Caminos y Asfaltos strives to fulfil its clients’ needs and expectations and is therefore committed to providing its services with the highest quality standards, safety and respect for the environment as drafted in OCA’s integrated management system.

Here are OCA’s homologated management areas.

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The stepping stone to our quality system is the management’s commitment defined in the policy’s declaration of principles. The company’s integrated management is based on controlling each one of OCA’s activities: aggregate production, bituminous mixtures production and executing civil engineering works.

Occupational health and safety is a key for OCA. We have developed the necessary control and management mechanisms to make sure the minimization of occupational risks for all the personnel at all times.

In 2005 OCA Obras, Caminos y Asfaltos was the first construction company in Galicia awarded AENOR’s occupational safety certification.

The company has a clear strategy of occupational safety and therefore has put in place a specified plan of action in this area, whose aim is to cut the accident rate to zero. The plan’s objective is to comply with each legal need to train, inform and raise awareness among its employees about their obligations and responsibilities.

OCA’s integrated workplace safety policy is based on the following:

  • Participation of all workers through the safety and health committee.
  • Continuous training of workers.
  • External and internal audits.
  • Establishment of documented systems.
  • Continuous improvement.

OCA’s commitment to work safety extends to all companies that collaborate in the execution of its construction projects, being one of the aspects considered when suppliers are contracted.

From 1st March 2008, the CE marking of all bituminous mixtures is mandatory to all producers wishing to commercialize their products. In order to mark a mixture, a production control system must be available to ensure the product’s characteristics.

Since March 2008, all of OCA’s manufacturing plants have put in place a factory production control system (CPF) that allows to CE Mark all its mixes. Each control and test to check and control the process is carried out in-site by the factory’s personnel with the most modern equipment. The marking control and evaluation system is included in UNE-EN 13108 and UNE-EN 12697 rules.

Preserving the environment is one of OCA’s main priorities when designing, planning and executing its projects. It is not only a part of the company’s responsibility, but also a tool of competitiveness: today the market demands the companies an increasing commitment to environmental sustainability.

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OCA Obras, Caminos y Asfaltos is committed to R&D as a tool for continuous improvement in competitiveness, efficiency and productivity and the company has a specific team dedicated exclusively to these tasks

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