OCA Quarry in Villacastín (Segovia).

OCA Obras, Caminos y Asfaltos is a Galician construction company founded in 1996. The company works in the construction sector, especially in civil engineering for public administrations: it aggregates production and commercialisation, hot bituminous mixtures production and usage.

Even though a big part of the company’s activity is developed in Galicia, OCA offers its services all over Spain. OCA Obras, Caminos y Asfaltos works mainly for the public sector through organisations such as Ministry of Development, Xunta de Galicia and provincial councils.

In the construction sector, OCA’s main activities are:

  • Road construction.
  • Pavement asphalt: highways, motorways, roads…
  • Water pipelines, supply, sanitation and treatment services.
  • Infrastructure construction and management concessions.
  • Infrastructure preservation.

OCA Obras, Caminos y Asfaltos has its own equipment repair workshop in San Cibrao das Viñas (Ourense), as well as aggregate crushing and treatment plants in Xinzo de Limia, San Xoán de Río (Ourense) and Villacastín (Segovia. The company works and manages its own machine pool through hot bituminous mixtures.

OCA Obras, Caminos y Asfaltos strives to fulfill its clients’ needs and expectations and is therefore committed to providing its services with the highest quality standards, safety and respect for the environment as drafted in OCA’s integrated management system.

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