Committed to the environment

At OCA Obras, Caminos y Asfaltos we are strongly committed to the environment in the planning and development of all our activities. The economic, social and environmental sustainability is a pillar of our business model.

Our environmental management system drafted according to the UNE EN ISO 14001: 2004 standard has been certified by LGAI-APPLUS since July 2002.

OCA is the only Spanish construction company that produces ecological asphalt by using bitumen rubber as a binder.

Below, you can read more about OCA’s environmental policies.

Environmental control

Our environmental control team carries out periodical checks to make sure all the activities in our plants or projects are performed after the environmental control requirements.

Telematics support system

At OCA’s operational centres, every manager can consult via web the operational control instructions related to the project.  They will be advised on how best to carry out the operations minimizing any associated environmental impact: spills, emissions, waste generation, noise…

There they can also consult the international, national and local legal requirements applicable to their activities.

Workers training

OCA Obras, Caminos y Asfaltos promotes environmental awareness among its employees. The company’s objective is to train its workers so that every activity complies with the legal limits defined on environmental control and has the lowest impact possible on the environment.

Hazardous waste control

OCA Obras, Caminos y Asfaltos is an authorized producer of construction and demolition hazardous waste. The company requires maximum control and the correct management of waste originated in its activities, whether they have been carried by its own personnel or they have been outsourced. Following OCA’s plan to reduce waste, the company reuses and recycles materials when possible.

OCA | ISO 14001
Certificación ISO 14001 de la gestión ambiental de OCA
Anexos a la certificación en la norma ISO 14001 para OCA